• You simply have a a dream of home ownership, or maybe a dream of saving money on a refinance, but simply put, it takes a team of mortgage professionals working together to get your loan funded these days. What makes Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation unique, is that from application to closing and beyond, our process is all designed to exceed expectations, provide satisfaction and earn trust. Loan origination, loan processing, underwriting, preparing of loan documents, and even the funding process all takes place with great care and consideration of your experience with our team. 

    The next reason you should choose the Greg Sandler Team as your mortgage banker, is that no matter what you think, there most likely will be a challenge on your loan. Even if you have great credit, there might be an issue with the title, the documentation, or even the property itself. You should choose Greg Sandler because he has the experience you can depend on to get you through most any challenge and the integrity you can trust. 

  • The Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Values